Huion pen keep freezing/losing signal?

Model H1060P

My cursor will freeze for a few seconds or more and then randomly turn back. The green light that shows up when the pen hovers in the field, does not show up when the cursor freezes. When I try to press the buttons on the pen, my pen may freeze or work normally again, also when I use my mouse or touchpad on my laptop, the pen stops working and the mouse continues to work normally.

I've tried changing the USB input, restarting the computer, reinstalling the drive, and almost anything I can find on the internet. When I turn on the Enable press keys, the keys work normally so I think the problem is the pen.

I also change the nip and my pen doesn't seem to have a battery. I am in such a rush so this problem is so frustrating. PLEASE HELP

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  • Hi mai nguyenthanh, I'm sorry about your pen issue. I will further assist you through your ticket since we need to test your hardware further. Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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