Kamvas Pro 6 input issue

I just got a Kamvas Pro 16 and after installing it and trying it out, I see it’s not registering any pen pressure input on 2 specific areas. 

I’ve re installed the driver, restarted the tablet, and restarted my computer. 

I’ve also tried recalibrating it, but nothing has worked so far.

I have a Kamvas Pro 16 GT1602
(using it as an extended display)
Firmware version: HUION_M214_220614
Serial number CCDA8SH00183
Im using a Macbook M1 with Monterrey

The tablet is connected with the provided USB-C cable to the USB-C input on my Macbook 

Here is a Google Drive link with a video showing the issue:

Thanks in advance

  • Hi Marcela, thank you for all the information you provided. It is much appreciated.

    I will create a ticket for you so we can test your tablet for hardware defects. I will further assist you through your ticket.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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