Huion H610Pro V2 Issues

So, I'm currently having issues with a Huion H610 Pro v2 that I recently just bought. It's absolutely not at all picking up any movement from the pen cursor on my laptop whenever I try to draw on the tablet. The light on the tablet turns on whenever my pen touches the surface, though. This is not my first tablet of the same model either, my old one that it replaced is out of commission and the light doesn't flare up at all, but the laptop I'm using has detected the tablet before.

So the facts are I have a tablet that doesn't function and one that does and my laptop can tell the difference, so I know the tablet itself and the USB cable are fine, so I'm not sure if it's issues with the drivers I'm experiencing. And I've had the same issue on more than one computer because we have exactly that in our home. I believe I started having these issues with the new Version 15 drivers, which I know there's a difference in 15 and 14 because of the UI? But I wouldn't know where to download any Version 14 drivers.. :(

I tried replacing the Wintab32.dll file with the additional file the Huion website provides on their official troubleshoot page, uninstalled the driver, re-installed it, but the issue still persisted. I don't know where else to really go on this to see how to fix it. Does anyone have any ideas to this? :0

  • Hi Maggie, I'm sorry about your connection issue with our new H610Pro V2 tablet. I noticed that you already have a ticket so I'll assist you from there. 

    Version 15 drivers have been tested to be compatiblet with your tablet. We will have to test further whether your issue is caused by the driver, your computer settings, or your tablet. Let's eliminate the possible causes through your ticket.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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