KAMVAS PRO 13 has "snap lines" at equal distance from each other

My tablet has weird vertical "snap lines". Whenever I try to draw something, it will snap to invisible lines just like it would snap to a photoshop guide! The problem doesn't come from photoshop, since it does the same in the huion app, and other painting softwares. It also seems to always be at the same physical locations on the tablet, no matter what the screen shows.

  • Hi Mega, thank you for adding a video on your post. Kindly try the following so we can check what caused your issue:

    1. Change your pen nib with a new one. 
    2. Since your pen uses the electromagnetic resonance technology, kindly put away unnecessary electronic devices as this may result to connection interference.
    3. Since you're using a Windows computer, please try to uninstall the driver, unplug your tablet, plug it back in, then test your tablet without the driver. We just want to see if the snapping of lines still happens even without the driver.
    4. If you have access to another computer, please check if it still happens on another computer unit.
    5. Update your firmware by following the steps from this link: https://www.huion.com/firmware.html

    If the issue persists after trying the steps above, kindly provide your tablet's firmware version after the firmware update, so we can check if the firmware update was successful, and you got the latest version. May I also know the driver versions you've tried? 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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