Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Pen stopped working

I've had my Huion Kamvas Pro 16 Model GT-156 for years now, but all of a sudden the other day my pen started to lag and then stopped working completed in the middle of a drawing. I've tried everything short of buying a new pen to get the issue fixed, but nothing seems to have worked.

Things I've tried and what happened:

1. Changing the nib: Nothing changed

2. Uninstalling driver: Nothing changed

3. Reinstalling newest driver: Worked for a couple minutes then lagged and stopped working altogether again

4. Reinstalling previous driver: Nothing changed

5. Restarted laptop in any instance: Either nothing changed or the same as No. 3

6. Disable/enable WindowsInk: Nothing changed

I have a battery-free pen and use my tablet on an Acer Nitro5 i7 core laptop with Krita as my drawing program if that information helps. Tablet Serial Number is A6DB9SH05615 and it was manufactured in 2020.

Is there anything else anyone can think of that I can try? Or has my pen died and I need a new one? I love my tablet and would really like to get back to using it as soon as I can!

  • Hi Hannah, thank you for trying some troubleshooting steps and for clearly detailing them. 

    When the pen stops working. does the driver still detect your tablet or does it show "Device disconnected"?

    I noticed that you have a ticket open so I will reply to your ticket so we can further test your hardware. Kindly check your spam or trash folders if you can't find my reply in your inbox. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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