My Q11K tablet wont connect to roblox.

I've been trying to play free draw on Roblox and everyone else can use their tablet just fine but i've always had issues and cant seem to do it. It 'works' presay but its extremely choppy so its not useable and i havent seen any advice for Huion tablets, just Wacom so i'm not sure if i have to do things differently..

  • Hi Victorious Gray, kindly provide the following so we can better assist you:

    1. Your computer operating system and version
    2. The first 5 digits of your Q11K serial number. It can be found at the back of your unit, right after S/N.
    3. If you installed the tablet driver, which driver version have you installed?
    4. Do you have issues using your tablet in other software?
    5. Do you have issues when using your tablet with and without the driver on Roblox and on other software? (No need to try your tablet without the driver if your computer is running on MacOS Catalina and later.)

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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