A common issue on writing and drawing in landscape mode on android tablets

The HS64 tablet works perfectly fine on Android's portrait mode, but as soon as I switch to landscape mode, the tablet stops operating  properly. The proportions of the working area becomes finicky and inaccurate. As demonstrated in the video that i kindly attached circles that are drawn clearly on the HS64 tablet changes to weird oblongs and the community i cant draw at the right hand side of my android tablet(Galaxy tab A8) This issue has been reported by numerous users for a long time, and yet no solution has been provided.


I have tried all the suggested solutions that I could find online, including  Manually setting my Tablet to Phone Mode via pressing a button for3-5 seconds to enter the phone mode, changing OTG settings, and restarting my device, but none of them have worked. Some online Samaritans also complained about the same issue but no one from the Huion team has given a valid response, they have been unable to provide any assistance beyond the standard troubleshooting steps and stating the obvious.

Writing and drawing in landscape is incredibly important for android tabs users as its the most natural way on propping up said device. By fixing the issue this will incredibly benefit everyone in the android community. hope to see this issue resolved.

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  • Hi fakehumman, thank you for providing the details and a video of your issue. As of the moment, I'm sorry to inform you that you can only use your Android tab in portrait mode. 

    I will forward your concern to our Product Development Team for review on the possibility of having the capability to use our products in landscape mode in the future. Kindly keep checking our official website and support site for the most updated information. Thank you for your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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