Is it possible to change the lift height on H640p?

Hey, just got the inspiroy h640p and it's working wonders, but i have to lift it up really high before it stops tracking my pen, which doesn't fair well with how I like to use it.

Can I change the height at which it stops tracking the pen?

  • Hi Sebastian, the tablet's pen sensing height is 10mm. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed or adjusted. 

    Does the pen still draw or write even when it's no longer touching the tablet? If it does, kindly try the following:

    1. Pull out your pen nib and put it back in. Also, try changing your pen nib with a new one.
    2. Put away all unnecessary electronic devices since electromagnetic interference can also cause this. 
    3. Try using your tablet without the driver. Ensure to unplug and re-plug your tablet after the driver is uninstalled.

    If your issue persists, let me know and provide your computer operating system, so we can further test your hardware.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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