Huion 1060 no detecta el lapiz

 Hola. Tras un par de meses sin usar, por vacaciones primero, y baja medica después, cuando por fin me reincorporo al trabajo, me encuentro con que mi tablet no detecta el lapiz.

  He probado a tenerlo cargando todo el día, he desintalado los drivers (V14.7) y cargado los nuevos (V15), desconectado y vuelto a conectar la tableta... Nada parece funcionar.

El PC detecta la tableta, y me la da como conectada, pero no consigo que responda el lapiz.

Pueden ayudarme, por favor?

  • Hi Antonio Villar, We are sorry for our delays response due to our recent Chinese New Year Holiday. May I clarify if the pen doesn't work when the driver is connected? Does the pen not work even with the cable plugged? Please kindly provide us with the following information:

    1. Operating system, Windows or Mac

    2. Product serial number (from the back of the unit)

    3. The version of driver

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello. No problem for the delay, I already knew about the Chinese New Year (so Happy New Year).
    The pen works connected by usb, but as soon as it is disconnected, it stops working (maybe the battery?)
    My OS is Windows, the driver version is V15.6.4.150, and the serial number is 8CT38SH00231.
    Thanks for your attention.
  • Hi Antonio, thank you for providing the requested information. Since your pen works when it is connected to the charging cable, it means that the Lithium-Ion battery inside the pen can no longer hold a charge. If it is still within 1 year from your purchase date, please let me know so I can create a ticket for you and help you claim your warranty. However, if it's more than a year, I'm sorry but you will have to purchase the pen. Here's link: Rechargeable Pen PEN80.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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