H950P Cursor Going Crazy on Mobile

Last night I was gifted a drawing tablet of this model. There weren't any noticable dents or scratches to the box or tablet. I have two Motorola phones that are cheap and prepaid. They aren't the same model but they are similar. I connected the tablet to one of them and it worked perfectly, except for the pen pressure but it was an easy fix. Today I tried connecting it to my other phone with more space on it, and the little cursor on screen began clicking things and shaking without the pen even touching it. My other phone still seemingly works fine with it. I know that this is most likely an issue with the phone but are there any troubleshooting methods I could try?
  • Hi kara, thank you for contacting us. Please make sure there are no unnecessary electronic products like mobile phones and charge stations nearby. If there are, please put them away and see if it helps since the issue may also be caused by electromagnetic interference. By the way, may I know the specific models of your two phones and which one is having the issue with our tablet.

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    HUION Customer Support

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