Huion HS610 pen making weird long lines randomly

for whatever reason, while i'm drawing, i've suddenly started getting these long lines that periodically show up? Idk exactly what kind of information to include butttt, i've had this tablet for a few years now, my laptop is pretty modern and fast so i can't imagine that would be a source, i've updated the drivers and changed the pen nib out. Really, the only thing i haven't done is check it out on another computer, which i cannot do atm unfortunately. 

when i draw, i do have to keep it away from the laptop as much as possible, as for some reason the internals of the laptop interfere with the tablet pen, but it happens no matter how far away it is from the laptop. So i'm out of ideas on what might be wrong this time around. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Below is a visual of what's happening to me, the sketch of a head was done before updating the driver, and the scribbles were done after. image

  • here, below i have attached a video showing exactly what happens when i try and do anything

  • Hi user fable, thank you for contacting us. May I know if the issue only happen in a specific drawing software or in all program. Will it happen without the driver installed? What's the operating system of your laptop, Windows or mac?

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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