Kamvas 13 keeps disconnecting WIFI


I've had this kamvas 13 for almost a month now, one day my PC randomly decided to disconnect the WiFi, I tried fixing it with everything, nothing worked. At that poing I disconnected the cable of my kamvas so I could go to bed, it instantly connected. I didn't think it was the tablet itself causing this, but another day it happened again; and ONLY when I discconect the kamvas the wifi works again.

I've tried several things now and none seems to work, I even reinstalled the driver. This issue isn't really that bad, it's just uncomfortable to me to connect the wifi every 10 minutes.

Sorry my English and thanks in advance.

  • Hi SDK, thank you for contacting us. May you kindly change another PC or laptop to check. Actually connecting our tablet will not affect WiFi connection.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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