Huion KAMVAS 22 plus not connecting properly to Clip Studio Paint

So, I'm having an issue in where my Huion KAMVAS 22 plus won't connect properly to my Clip Studio Paint, as the title states, however it's not having the same issue on Photoshop. When I am in duplicate mode, there will be a massive offset between my stylus and the actual pen. However, when I'm in extend mode, I can't even use the pen on the canvas at all (and only the canvas. The rest of the screen works). However, neither of these problems happen in Photoshop. I've also never had these problems in the past with my laptop and I didn't have this issue (I don't think) the first time I connected using my pc. I have calibrated the pen many times, and changed the monitor I am using when using extend mode. I need help trying to figure this out. (First two attachments are clip studio, second two are Photoshop)
  • Hi Edward Greenall, thank you for contacting us. Have you tried to uninstalled and reinstalled the driver? After you switch to duplicate mode from extend mode or extend mode from duplicate mode, make sure you restart the drawing software. By the way, may I know what version of the driver you are using.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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