I just bought the Kamvas 13, I placed it as a 2nd monitor and the pen clicks the buttons of the apps
I'm trying to use Clip Studio Paint and even though the pen can select the tool I can't paint in the working área, what am I doing wrong? how can I solve it?

  • Hi Sissi Issis, thank you for contacting us. Does the issue happen only in CSP or in all programme. If it only exists in CSP, please try to uninstall the driver and reinstall the newest one. Even if you are using the newest driver, please also uninstall and reinstall it. If it can't fix the issue, please kindly provide us with the following information:

    1. Operating system, Windows or Mac

    2. The version of driver

    3. A video that can show the problem clearly (upload to Dropbox or Google drive would be preferred and please grant permission to anyone who has the link to view it). You can use your phone in taking the video provided that we can clearly see both your screen and your pen. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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