Huion Kamvas Screen suddenly turned off and wont turn back on

So I was finishing an artwork and suddenly my Huion Kamvas 13 switched off. I tried everything by reonnecting the cables and such but it still won't turn on. For Clarification, it is not the red power button problem where there is no signal, the power button won't work at all. To add, the tablet is still detected by the driver and I can still use the pen but just on my main monitor like a normal pentablet. Is the problem in the cable or is it the tablet itself?

  •  Also all the function buttons are working too.

  • Hi reese, thank you for contacting us. Please try to connect kamvas 13 to another computer or change another HDMI port of your computer to eliminate that the HDMI port of your computer is defective.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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