Huion sketch update is no where to be found...

Usually, when there's a new update I go to settings and click on "huion mall" and it would take me to google drive where I can download the latest version, but this time it takes me to the huion sketch support page where there is no download link for the new version. For how long do we have to keep going in circles to get the latest update? If it's not out yet, then don't lock us out of our projects inside the app. This is so inconvenient for everyone just find a third-party app store like galaxy store or some Chinese one and upload it there, is that hard to ask for?

  • Hi Osama Mas, We appreciate your enthusiasm for using our Sketch app, and we apologize for any issues you've encountered. We would suggest you contact us through for further assistance.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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