screen protectors and damaged screens

I ordered a kamvas 16 about 2 weeks ago. Came in the mail and works great. I also purchased a screen protector with it. Probably the most inconvenient screen protector ever created. The instructions were not clear or helpful and tons of air bubbles would appear under the protector which were impossible to get out or remove during and after the application process. I ended up leaving the faulty screen protector off, and boy was that a mistake, because cut to the present and now there's a dent in my screen which I have no recollection of causing, considering I haven't put anything on or near the screen (which is apparently super fragile, thus the need for the screen protector, and the thus the problem of the screen protector as it is not easy to apply) aside from the tablet pen. In conclusion this has just been a really frustrating experience for a rather useful and fun to use product, and I'm hoping I can be helped in refunding this faulty screen protector and have help replacing the screen or being compensated for it. Thanks. 

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  • Hi Art Penguin, I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with the tablet. No worries, we will sort it out. Please contact us through with your purchase order number and these pictures that can show the issue clearly.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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