KAMVAS PRO 24 pen pressure not working correctly

The pressure sensitivity on my Kamvas Pro 24 GT-240 has ceased working correctly. Basically, it's only recognizing input from the stylus if I press it fairly hard.

The issue has been the same in CSP and in Photoshop. Even when I attempt to use the Pressure Test in the Huion settings, I get the same exact issue, even if I fiddle with the Pressure Sensitivity. I can have it set all the way to "Soft" and it will still apparently not notice input until I'm pressing hard enough for it to come up on the pressure test as me using all 8191 levels of pressure (see photo).

I've tried reinstalling the drivers several times with the latest version, and that hasn't fixed it. I've restarted my PC several times, no dice. I uninstalled Huion's drivers and totally unplugged the entire monitor before re-installing the drivers and plugging it back in, same problem.

Also, confusingly, I've tried updating the firmware, but the firmware tool doesn't appear to actually acknowledge that my display is connected. Not that it says "No Device Detected," but it won't SHOW my device and says "No Updates Available" for the firmware.

It doesn't appear to be a Windows Ink issue, as enabling it or disabling it appears to make no difference.

My suspicion is that this is a hardware issue. A few weeks ago, the stand on the display just kind of gave up and it collapsed upon itself from the 60-degree angle I usually work at. I suspect that might have jarred something loose inside the Display, as I had noticed an issue previously with having to press harder than I think I should to select a new pen or open a new file, for instance, but it hadn't reached the point it did today where only hard presses work.

So yeah, I'm out of ideas for fixes, and like I said, I think my Kamvas might just be busted. That said if anyone knows an answer or at least some suggestions, I am unironically begging for help as I really don't want to have to buy a whole new Pen Display, and I'd like to get my whole range of pen pressure back so I can start drawing like a normal person again.

If you have any further questions or need any clarifications, please let me know, I'm happy to provide to try and find a fix here.


  • Hi Prederick, I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with the tablet. We have replied to you via email, please kindly check.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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