Microsoft Store Tablet Driver For S Mode Users?

Hello! I Am A New User Of The Huion Tablet, And I Use S Mode On My Windows 11 Laptop because this is my first ever Windows Computer, I have come to a problem in which there isn't a driver for S-Mode users, Can You Please Make A Quick S-Mode Version?

(67.4 KB)
  • Hi Ethan Vincent, thank you for your feedback. Did it happen when you tried to install Driver_15.5.1.390? If so, please go ahead with installation process. It may be caused by Windows 11 S mode security. Rest assured that our driver is safe, by the way, please try to install the latest Driver_15.5.3.444 and refer to the following article before installation. How to Install Huion Drivers on Windows 

    Hope this will help you.

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