The screen of my Huion Kamvas Pro 20(2019) works but the pen does not

My Huion pen suddenly stopped working in mid-stroke. Ive changed the usb cable and checked that the new on works, the power cable and adaptor work - though the adaptor gets extremely hot; I've downloaded new drivers and tried several different versions, but nothing changes: the pen does nothing. I'm frustrated and fed up with Huion. Can anyone suggest a new approach?

  • Hi eric hamblin, No worries, I will get this sorted for you. May I know what the operating system of your computer is, Mac or Windows. Does the driver "connected" when you used the pen and it stopped working in mid-stroke. What is version of the latest driver you installed. Please try to uninstall the driver and use the pen to check if it can works well without the driver installed.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi and thankyou for your encouraging reply. I'm running Windows 7. I installed the newest Driver listed for Windows in the Huion download site: 15.XXX.XX. But I have also deleted that Driver and tried the latest 14.XXX.XX as that was the one that was installed when I first received the screen and pen. But the pen no longer responds.

    I have now deleted both the tablet and the driver(s) and also a Wacom Tablet program in hopes that might have been the problem.

    But, alas, there seems nothing I do fixes the problem of my unmoveable Huion pen although my Huion desktop screen works.

    Is there anything you can do, suggest that I do (apart from throwing the whole damn package out the window?

    Frustratedly yours

    Eric H.

  • Hi eric hamblin, thank you for your reply. I also received your new ticket and replied to you by email. Please kindly check and appreciate your kind patience.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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