H610Pro V2 pen stopped working

I've had my H610Pro V2 tablet for a while (less than a year, got it in about late 2021 I think) but recently I got my pen wet, and now it doesn't work anymore. I figured it would be fine since it was wireless, but now I'm starting to realize that wasn't the smartest thinking. I really hope I'll be able to fix it because I do not want to buy a new one. This was one of my first tablets and it's not the best for me anyway, but I want it fixed so I don't have to buy anything new. My pen won't do anything anymore but the tablet is fine.

I've dropped it a few times onto a carpet but it seemed unharmed each time. I also don't know if this is related to the pen but every time I went into FireAlpaca the screen navigator would spin from my pen. I tried looking for things on the topic but found nothing relating to the program, so I don't know if that's because of my pen or the program. 

Anyways I hope this gets fixed, if not I'll look into finding other tablets.

  • Hi deimos, May I know what the operating system of your computer is. We will send you the steps of performing QC test accordingly so that we will check if the pen is defective after you got it wet and dropped it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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