Short keys on Kamvas Pro 12 not working

Earlier today my cat had dragged my tablet off my desk by the cord, the screen is perfectly fine and initially I hadn't noticed any damage, but now I've realized none of the shortcuts on the side of the screen are working. For one, the light on the power button is completely gone out and i cant turn the tablet off I can only unplug it, and the zooming pad isnt working at all either. I tried unplugging everything and rebooting my computer but nothing changed.

I'm just wondering if I should go somewhere to get it repaired or if its something i could easily fix myself. Thanks!

  • Hi Candyfizz, I am sorry to hear that. The only way for repair is sending it back to China and our technicians will check if they could get it repaired. Hoping your kind understanding in this matter.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Ahh alright well thank you :)
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