Working Area on Second Display with Kamvas 24 4K


I have a problem with my Huion. I have set up two displays. First one is the Kamvas and I am using a second 32". 

So woking on my Kamvas is no problem, but when I switch screens I actually want to have a smaller working area to move the cursor on my 32". So I was trying to make an individual working space, but when I configure the working space on the 32" the working space on the Huion is automatically the same. So I can't use the Tablet properly. 

I am working on Mac (12.3.1) is this a driver problem? A OS problem? Do you have any solution for this? Or trick? Or do I need to use any shortcut?

Would love to hear from you guys soon!

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Lucas Doerre, As of the moment, our tablets don’t have the feature you need that the working area on the tablet can be saved as a different size for each monitor. But I will make sure to inform our Product Development Team about it again and keep you posted once we get a response from them.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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