Need ease of switching between Tablets

Hi, I have a WH1409 v2 and a Kamvas 24 Pro . It's very disappointing that, even when both are plugged to the PC, the driver can only detect one tablet at a time . Switching between them requires unplugging cables and restarting the driver, which is such a hassle.

For me, some activities are much easier on a LCD tablet while others are much easier on a screenless tablet. It would be great to be able to switch between them simply through hotkeys/clicking on driver menu. Or better yet, having both on at the same time

(2.3 MB)
  • Hi Phong Ho, We have checked with our developers and inform you that our drivers can only detect two devices at one time. Now your driver detects Kamvas Pro 24 and KD 100. If you want to use WH1409 v2 and Kamvas 24 Pro together, please try to only connect WH1409 v2 and Kamvas 24 Pro to your computer. Our developers are working on increasing the quantity of our tablets that can work together. We will keep you posted once we get a response from our developers. Hoping for your understanding in this matter.

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