Kamvas 13 Pen display issue

I have had my Kamvas 13 for a year and a half now. I have made sure to keep it in the best condition i can while still using it, and haven't had any problems up until a month ago. i started noticing the display would sence the pen even if it was hovering over and not touching the screen. it would also make a mark on my drawing app as if i had clicked the pen in this location. 

so I switched the nib out. same issue. so I tried to recalibrate it to see if that would help. however, the display sensor would "click" the recalibration page the second the pen even got near the screen. so suddenly it wasn't only a pen pressure/display sensor issue but my pen was wildly off-center and every time I try and fix it, it gets worse.

 The video i attached shows that when the pen is hovering above(only when the video makes sound is the pen touching the display) it senses it clicking. I need this tablet to work as i need to work on my art portfolio for college soon

  • Hi Ame, Please confirm if you have dropped the pen accidentally.

    Please try the methods below:

    1. Please make sure there are no other electronic products like laptops or mobile phones nearby. If there are, please put them away and see if it helps since the pen hover issue may also be caused by electromagnetic interference.
    2. Uninstall the driver, and try the tablet (without a driver installed) to see if the problem still persists. This can help determine if this problem is caused by the driver.

    We have checked the video and if above steps still do not work, we assume there is an issue with the pen, please inform us the purchase order number and SN(on the back of the unit) so that we could check if your order is still within warranty and the correct model of the tablet is to avoid directing you to wrong pen model. 

    We have created a ticket and sent an email to you, please kindly check and reply to us in that email.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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