Huion NEW 1060PLUS (8192) and Huion Kamvas 24

I have both products, a Huion NEW 1060PLUS (8192) and Huion Kamvas 24 and wish to use them on the same PC (NOT simultaneusly). I was wondering if i can use both products with only one driver. The Driver seems to recognice my NEW 1060PLUS and Kamvas 24 and it even allows me to custimize its shortcuts (of both the tablet and display) pen presure, etc. However the pencil isn't being detected (most of the time, because sometimes when the driver is still loading the pen is recogniced and I suddenly can move the cursor around with it and once it fully loads then it suddenly isn't).  

The pencil is in great conditions and it works on another PC so I know it is not the issue.

  • Hi Sand, Actually NEW 1060PLUS (8192) is only compatible with Version 14 driver as it is old model and  Kamvas 24 can be  compatible with the driver, that's why when you connect  NEW 1060PLUS (8192) to your PC and the driver is version15,  the pencil isn't being detected even if sometimes it works properly and the shortcuts works as well. Please try to use different version drivers for Model NEW 1060PLUS (8192) and Kamvas 24 respectively. Here is the link that will lead you to download correct drivers:

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I had a similar problem. 
    After downloading the latest driver for the Huion New 1060 plus from the website and then plugging my board into my laptop, the board still opens its file to download more drivers, after I download those and use the board then all is ok. But the next time I use the board and plug it in again, it opens the same file and asks me to download the driver again. How can I fix this?

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