Hs64 only works in portrait mode in my tablet how do I make it work in landscape

Hi i a got a new tablet it is the Lenovo m10 hd 2nd gen it's on Android 11 when I plugged my pen tablet (huion hs64) into my device on landscape mode only half the portion of the screen is just detected as in when I reach the end of the active area of the pen tablet wether in "phone mode" or "default" my cursor only goes halfway through the screen. BUT in portrait mode the tablet detects all of it even with phone mode on . Or default. The same thing happens in my old tablet (Alcatel 1t 10) on Android 10 but the opposite it only goes half the screen in portrait mode but in landscape it detects everything The question is how can I make my pen tablet work on landscape mode in my new tablet?
  • Hi QeouliiqrDoes_Art, We could see what happened on landscape mode and portrait mode but we could not see how the HS64 placed and how you drew on the HS64. Please don't use screen recording; it is important that we can clearly see both the tablet(HS64) and the phone screen as you perform the drawing on landscape mode and  portrait mode. May you please kindly take two new videos accordingly. Hoping for your kind understanding in this matter.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support


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