Driver Program v15 Conflicts with Other Programs

I recently updated to the new beta v15 of the driver program after receiving the huion macropad as a gift since I wanted to be able to remap the keys and, as far as I'm aware, the new version of the program is the only way to manage the settings for it as it has no internal memory to save what I had mapped to it. However recently I discovered that this new program conflicts with other programs on my computer, namely EA Origin game launcher and an audio visualizer I sue called Plane9. Both of these programs refuse to launch properly after v15 has been run once, even after I quit out of it the other programs will only show up in task manager where they eat around 20% of my cpu while no window or taskbar icon show up for them, forcing me to have to force quit them. This problem couldn't be resolved by anything other than restarting my computer or uninstalling v15 of the huion software. I'm operating on Windows 10 with all the latest updates for all of my hardware and OS, and tested and ruled out just about everything else and narrowed it down to just this, and after reverting to v14.8 the other programs have returned to normal, but has left me without the ability to remap my macropad which is an unfortunate loss as I was really enjoying using it. Hopefully this issue gets resolved, because for now I'm going to have to stop using v15 and the macropad as its not worth having other programs become nonfunctional this frequently.

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