Hi, I just bought a new Huion Kamvas 16 Plus 4k and i´m having a cursor offset problem in the lower part of the tablet. In the moment I hover my pen in lower half of the displa, the cursor just offsets, causing a very serious problem for me, as I use the pen for everything, not just drawing. 

Calibration and reinstalling the driver did not solved the problem. I´m using a Windows 10 PC. 

Please, I need help.

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  •  Hi i have same issue. Did you find a solution?

  • Unfortunately, no. Just went back to my old cintiq because of it....such a pity. Huion is almost there...but they need to fix this issue.

  • Nah, they told me it is industry standard( ~1mm for the center area and ~1-3mm offset for corners), HA-HA-HA-HA, for 4k resolution in photoshop you just pressing the wrong buttons, in Substance painter tweak wrong sliders, device become useless.  In total it looks like they gonna keep this glitch and do nothing to fix it. For me, looks like bad drivers or software not a device hardware thing.  Sad thing coz it's a good device.

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  • They told me the same thing....just fix the drivers, Huion! Your device is great, but this kind of error is inexcusable!

  • Hi, were you able to find the fix? just got myself a brand new pro 16, great for first few weeks until the driver needed an update. I'm stuck in offset hell. 

  •  Hi, I feel for you, but for me, it was the same situation and as I said above customer service can't solve this problem, so I returned it. And check the topic was started, it was created 8 months ago. For this time HUION did nothing to fix it. Hope it will be fixed.

  • Sorry guys, but they didn't fix the I went back to Wacom, at a great expense. So unfortunate.

  • What a shame. This is my first pen display tablet after switching from traditional art. Guess I gotta warn my friends about this. I hope they fix it, lots of 16s(from Reddit) have the same issue with their drivers. They should look into that. 

  • Guys, try this solution if you're using a MacBook. I posted my issue last night and just saw their response (at the very bottom). It seemed different from the other fixes I've seen so far. Their customer support surprisingly works fast. Haven't tried it myself since I'm out atm. Let me know if it works tho! 

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