Kamvus 12 multiple Screens

Hello Everyone, I just received my Kamvus 12 and have it set up but all the screen will display is my computer's desktop background and start bar. I can not get it to register my art program on that screen but I am able to draw on it if I stare at my monitor. 
But after awhile staring up at my screen hurts when I have one on my lap that I can't see anything on, the only fixed solutions I've seen have been for newer models of Kamvus which do not have the same displays I have when running.

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  • Looking at your screenshot, you have two monitors, a main monitor on the left and a second monitor on the right. According to your screenshot, the Huion driver is running fine, and it shows the following: The input of your Kanvas 12 pen input is mapped to the main monitor. This is indicated by the diagonal lines connecting all four corners of the main monitor with the pen input. The second monitor and displays only the desktop background and start bar. What you can't see within the driver: The second monitor is your Kanvas 12 display.
    This is somewhat confusing, but can be fixed: Within the Huion driver window click on the image of the second monitor. That will switch the pen input to the second monitor, and also the diagonal lines within the driver window will update accordingly. Then all pen input will go to your second monitor (see attachment).
    You can move the drawing application to the second monitor either by dragging the window to the right with the mouse (beyond your main monitor) to the second monitor.

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  • Hi D M, the issue you are experiencing can be resolved by following Maze's steps. Here's the article as well related to your issue as well: How to Set Your Tablet Display Work Area.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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