Discoloration bar only visible w/ dark colors

I got my tablet christmas day and it has been working fine but today there is a straight bar through the center that is a faint grey. It’s not visible on bright colors but using dark modes on all my apps it is very noticable.
(2.17 MB)
  • Is a Kamvas 13
  • Hi Amaya Blakeley, does the faint grey bar change in size and visibility when you unplug and re-plug the cables to your tablet and computer? Have you tried connecting it to a different computer and if you have, is it still the same? 

    This issue may be caused by either your computer's display port (HDMI/VGA/DP/DVI/USB-C), the cable or the tablet's display itself. Thus, kindly try these steps to either resolve the issue or at least help us determine the cause:

    1. Plug a different display monitor or device into your computer using the same port you use with your tablet and check if the other monitor shows any display issues. If it does, you may need to have your computer's display port checked.
    2. Unplug and re-plug the tablet cables and check if the display issue is consistent; size, color and/or visibility.
    3. Connect your tablet to a different computer if you have access to another unit and see if the display issue is the same. And please check if it is exactly the same as with your own computer. Please take a picture or video as well.

    If the issue remains the same in Steps #2 & 3 above, please send an email to service@huion.com with the following information so we can assist you further:

    • Serial # (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Order # when you purchased your tablet
    • Pictures or a video of your display issue and please capture your cable connection from your tablet to your computer
    • A summary of the steps you've done

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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