Driver Issues with Keydial KD200

I recently bought the Keydial KD200 and as far as Hardware is concerned it's pretty good.  However after using it for some time now, I have found some issues with the Software and I am pretty sure that they all can be fixed with driver updates.

1. On the Pen Mode the cursor has a tendency to "jump". I have the Keydial always connected by cable.

2. When a software program is in "thinking mode" with hour clock or something, the cursor cannot be moved. The buttons work. I have to reach over to my mouse to get the cursor away from the program to work on other programs in the mean time.

3. The customizable keys "K1-K5" are not in dual mode like they show on the hardware. e.g. K1/1. Once you customize you will lose the number "1" even in "num lock" mode.

4. I wish that we can add as many program specific customization as we want. For now it only lets me add 7 programs.

5. Dial Wheel has three modes and there is a button to cycle through them. However there is no indication which mode we are in or we are switching to. I suggested quick display on the screen monitor to display the modes when we press the button.

6. There is no backspace button. I wishthat when "num lock" is on "delete" key can be switched to "backspace".

7. I like the "Quick Menu" option. I wish that it auto-closes with set time delay from the screen. For now it gets in the way and we have to press the close button every time. It is annoying if you use it a lot.

8. I also hope that within "Quick Menu" setting we can get all the customization that there is for the hardware buttons such as "Switch" and "Precision Mode" functions.

9. Another major annoyance is the auto power off thing. If you don's use it for a short time, even with the wired mode, it shuts itself off and we have to switch it on again. I wish it just instantly auto powers on again. All other peripheries I use pretty much do that.

I hope that Huion releases updates with these bug fixes. Otherwise I am happy with the quality of the product.


  • Hi archids, thank you for listing down the issues you encountered when using your KD200 graphic tablet. I will forward this list to our software engineers so they can look into this further.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi archids, kindly provide the following as well:

    • Tablet driver version you've installed
    • Firmware version of your KD200 tablet
    • Your computer operating system & version
    • A video of the cursor jumping on pen mode and when the cursor cannot be moved when the software program is in "thinking mode".

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi:

    I use it on two different computers with Windows 10 64-bit OS with different configurations and I have issues with both.

    The driver installed is the latest available on your website:

    The firmware is: T197_201116

    For the cursor not responding, I find that it is also happening whenever I have OS related windows open. e.g. when I want to change "environmental variables" or setup or uninstall a program, and I open that window, then the cursor doesn't work. I tried to use few screen capture software and unfortunately/ironically everytime they run the cursor stops, so it's almost impossible to show what happens. But please try for yourself and see. Use the Keydial and start a OS related window or application such as i mentioned above and see if it freezes for you.











  • Hi archid, thank you for your reply. I have forwarded this information as well. May I request that you take a video using an external camera and not a screen capture software? It would be best to see both the tablet, computer screen and your pen as you try to replicate the issues.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi: Here's video showing me trying to install a software and when Windows 10 admin password window opens up pen doesn't work anymore. I had to switch to the mouse. Hope this helps. Thanks
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