Pen and display issues - Huion 16 pro (using with a chromebook)

I recently got a new Huion 16 pro tablet for christmas! After hours of trial and error, I managed to get the tablet to work with my family member's Macbook Pro. However, I do not own one of these and will not be able to use the macbook in the future. I only have a Chromebook (the Google Pixelbook Go) and I need to be able to use my tablet with it. Here are my two issues (after I set up the wires and everything):

1. The pen does not work with the tablet after I plug it in and get it to display something. It does not move the cursor or interact with anything on the screen whatsoever. It worked pretty well on the Macbook Pro, although I had to keep using the driver to re-calibrate it.

2. The screen does not display everything properly. The tablet will display the computer screen and certain apps that I pull up, but then the computer screen will not display them and I will not be able to interact with the apps, even with my mouse (since it is only on the tablet and not the computer). I can only open and close certain apps with my chromebook - and if the screen is displayed properly on the tablet, it will not be pulled up on the chromebook screen and vice versa. 

Things I have tried to fix this:

 - plugging and unplugging the wires 

 - turning off each device individually and reconnecting them, then turning both off at once and reconnecting them both at once

 - downloading the latest Chrome OS

 - pressing all the side buttons on the tablet to see if they had any effect 

 I'm not sure what else to do, but I don't have a pc or any other laptop so I can't get a driver or anything. Is there something I missed or something else I could try?

  • Update: I contacted tech support and they said that the latest Chrome OS is not compatible with the Huion tablet that I have. I hope this is useful to anyone with the same problem, but I'm not sure how to fix this. If I find a solution I will reply with another update

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