Horizontal lines skewed on mouse mode (Driver v15.5.1.390, INSPIROY H1161)

I have an issue with drawing horizontal lines when the mouse mode is enabled (this influences of course all drawings, not only horizontal ones, but it's best visible on horizontal lines).


As you can see on the screenshot above, the horizontal lines on mouse mode disabled (blue) are OK. After enabling the mouse mode, the horizontal line drawn on the tablet are displayed on the screen as skewed (green). The effect is the same on any sensitivity.

The vertical lines are OK on both enabled and disabled mouse mode.

On diagnose mode everything seem to be OK (no skewed lines).

Is this a driver defect? Will it be fixed? Did anyone else see the similar issue? It looks like some kind of error when recalculating the vertical coordinate for mouse mode. I assume that it should be the same on all similar configurations (at least the same driver version and the same tablet model)


Driver version: v15.5.1.390

Tablet: INSPIROY H1161
FW Version: T191_190619

  • I should add that I have the issue on Windows 10

  • Hello, I have same issue with new version of the driver. On previous one (14.X.X) problem doesn't appear, and started after update to 15.5

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