My 3-1 USB cable isn't working for my Kamvas 16 (2019)

I just got this for Christmas and it's brand new but I at first I had to get a new laptop because it's not compatible with Chromebook and NOW three in one cable is useless to me because it doesn't have a mini HDMI cable head to connect into my Gateway Windows laptop!

I'm pissed, livid, depressed, and want a cookie now cause I'm so just fed up with everything at this point in time because in pretty sure since this is an old model I imagine the newer cables won't work for this tablet anymore and now I don't know if it's just the cable is defective, or if the tablet is too old. every time I try to display my computer screen onto the tablet so that I can get to work on my drawing I can' cause the option won't appear on my computer  display settings, I press 'detect' and it doesn't detect my tablet cause I don't have a mini HDMI to plug into the port, only a big thick HDMI. We just got back from Walmart to try and find a solution but we were unsuccessful, PLEASE. IS THERE A NEW CABLE I CAN USE AND IF SO WHERE CAN I FIND ONE? and HOW MUCH?

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