H610 Pro v2: Tablet changing into phone mode when connected to a lapton


After a few minutes of working on the tablet, it suddenly changes to phone mode, i.e. only half of the tablet screen sees the pen. After restaring the laptop, the tablet works as usual, but the problem comes back again. I've been using the tablet for few months now, nothing like that has never happened before. What should I do to fix it?

I've previously used Windows 10, and just recently upgraded it to Windows 11. Could that be the issue?

Also, the tablet could have been damaged. It could have been slammed onto the floor, together with the stylus pen. Moreover, the original usb cable was burned, and because of that I am using a different one now. The tablet and the pen were not working correctly at first, but these problems were already fixed by trying different drivers.

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  • Exact same problem. Just switched to Windows 11 also. It happened before sometimes with Windows 10, but then it would fix matters to just unplug the USB and plug it back in. Now that doesn't work. Pressing buttons 1 and 5 simultaneously for at least three seconds, which is supposed to toggle phone mode, does precisely nothing. 

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