H640P unstable pen usage

I have had this tablet for more than a year now. I have to say I am quite satisfied so far, decent size and all. Didn't really think there would ever be this problem until a few days ago. 

I was just drawing and the tablet started to seem to have trouble trying to track my pen. Even though I am moving my pen around, it doesn't seem to notice that. There was a large lag when it is trying to find where my pen it. I can barely make a proper stroke now. The buttons on the tablet itself are fine, the light is on. When the tablet can track the pen, the pressures were fine as well. 

I don't understand what happened since there was no trigger problem. I assumed it was the driver, but I tried to uninstall and download the older one which I am more familiar with but. I think it's just the pen at this point. 

What should I do now? The pen is battery-free so what could have happened?

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