Kamvas 16 2021 Pen issue with Photoshop (wont draw)

Just got a Kamvas 16 2021 today. It installed fine using the latest drivers v
The screen and pen are detected and work  in MS Paint, MS Whiteboard, Lightroom etc.

It works fine using MS whiteboard but after a bit of use there is Huge Lag,  In Adobe Lightroom the pen appears to work OK when using its brush tool however When I try and use the Pen in Adobe photoshop I can select menus and move and click using the pen however Photoshop wont draw using the brush tool or other tools wont respond.  Pen Pressure is switched on, I've tried disabling and re-enabling windows ink, I've spent the day googling how to get the Pen to work in Photoshop. I just cant get it to work.  If I assign a pen button to left click when I try and use the brush tool and press the button it  makes a dot but wont draw.   I can use other software where it detects the pen pressure fine just not photoshop.

I'm using Windows 10 and Photoshop 23.1.0

Anyone have a similar issue? is there a fix?

  • Update....The strangest thing!!!!   I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the exact same one! and suddenly the pen appears to be working now!!  weird totally weird behaviour.

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