Kamvas pro16 (Gt156), Power button flashes red once ( when power is connected) then goes out.

Kamvas pro16 (GT156, produced in 2020 according to the box). 
My system is a Asus A15, with 2 ssd usb slots and one not ssd, 
Purchase of the Pro16 was delivered Nov 27th 2021.
 I un-plugged my Asus external monitor then, plugged the 3 in 1 cord in, in the appropriate places, downloaded (what seemed to be) the right driver hit the power button on the pro16 and nothing no light sounds from comp nothing. unistalled intuos drivers/apps turned mcaffee off again, rebooted comp etc... installed pro16 driver again, again and again nothing (did many versions of this) that point I thought maybe I don't have the power plug properly connected, so I pulled it apart then plugged it back in and noticed that the power button light flashed red for a moment and then went out, (the actual screen never lights up or anything)..but must be getting power, so then I started to play "maybe this button will do something" and got the bottom left button to flash on and off and had caused an info bar to displayed on my laptop screen with "zoom in/out", "adjust brush size", "scroll up/down" on it (press the button again, and it stops). So then I notice in the diagnostics window the pen does move the curser around and will draw a line etc but still the "on" light button flashes only once and goes out, the display never lights up and my comp doesn't detect the pro16 as a monitor no matter what I do.
  I've spent over 12 hrs reading and trying to find a solution. 

Please help!!! 

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