PE150 loose nib???

So I have two pens, lets say one will be bold, The One with a loose nib and one will be italic Doesn't show any signs of working. They both are PE150 and I have a WH1409 (8192) tablet. 

I had to replace my Old Pen for the new one and have been using that new one for months. Having a split family I come home and now the new pen isn't working at all, not showing if its charging despite The old pen showing charging signs (the red light) and that it's moving around (Green pen on tablet), just no pressure because the loose nib is messing it up.

So I don't know how to fix any of these and I've tried everything, the fact the old pen is working with the tablet and not my new one is concerning. It baffles me even more that I haven't been home for a week and now it's suddenly not working! 

Also I really don't want to buy another god damn pen. I'm really tired of my Huion stuff randomly going to shit.

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