GT-191 V2 and PW507 compatibility.


I just bought a PW507 to replace my broken stylus of my GT-191 V2 display tablet and it doesn't work. 

The Huion Store page ( mentions that it should work, but I'm not getting any response whatsoever from the display tablet. The cursor doesn't even react when I put the tip near the tablet's surface, my old stylus although broken still activates the cursor.

I've tried reinstalling the driver and my firmware seems to be up to date according to the FW updater app (M18a_0719) but still nothing happens.

So, is the PW507 not compatible with the GT-191 V2?

  • Hi Andy Hakim, the GT-191 V2 has 2 versions; the 500K version uses the PW500 pen and the 700K version uses the PW507 pen. Based on your firmware information, you have the 500K version so you need the PW500 pen. If you can still return or exchange your pen, please contact the seller where you purchased your pen from. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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