[Q620M] Problem with stylus/pen button, when pressed it releases the pen contact for a brief second and change my max pressure to 74%

After 3~4 months of not using my Inspiroy Q620M and updating the driver i can no longer use zoom and trim function on zbrush since pressing any of the 2 pen button release the pen pressure for a briefly second, breaks the zoom and trim function since its a 2-step process, and changes the pressure sensitivity, dropping the pressure from 100% to around ~35% and changing my max pressure to 74%. I've attached a screenshot below.


First 3 lines was me pressing the button drawing in different speeds, visually doesn't show but it breaks the contact for a briefly moment.
The last 2 lines was me pressing the pen buttons just hovering the tablet, without touching it. Wasn't supposed to draw any lines.

The drawing without touching demonstrated on the last 2 lines only happens on the latest driver, but the problem of changing pressure and breaking of contact persists in old drivers.

  • Hi Holchan Gomes, thank you for providing your observations and I'm sorry for the issue you are encountering with your pen. Can you please change your pen nib with a new one and see if it will resolve your issue? If you have access to another computer, kindly try if the issue remains with a different unit. Lastly, please try using your tablet without the driver (uninstall the driver, unplug the tablet from your computer, then plug it back in), or plug it to a different USB port. 

    If the issue remains the same in all tests, it is possible that your pen may be defective. Kindly send the following to service@huion.com so we can test your pen further and help you find a solution:

    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Your order number when you purchased your tablet
    • Your computer operating system
    • Version of the tablet drivers you've tried
    • A summary of the steps you've done

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  •  A long time passed and i'm confident it is a software issue. I bought a new pen, check the video i've attached and the result was the same, when i press a button the pen releases the pressure by itself. Same problem in my brothers computer(Razer Blade 2016) and my dads computer(Dell Lattitude e6440). And the problem is different using the 3 versions of driver available to download. 

    (396 KB)
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