cant seem to set working area across multiple monitors

I've just plugged my Kamvas pro 22 into a new computer and so installed the latest drivers. Previously when I switched screen on my multi monitor setup, it would switch from one monitor to another, then to a mode where it mapped the working area across all monitors at the same time. The new drivers I cant see how to do this, it only sets the working to 1 monitor at a time.

  • Hi Chris Williamson, I'm sorry to let you know that the feature to choose all monitors at the same time has been removed from our latest drivers. Our new drivers can only let you choose 1 monitor at a time. In order to move between screens, you can just assign one button to switch between screens:

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Oh no! That makes it very hard to use for multi monitor setups, for example: I now cannot drag anything from one monitor to another.

    I have a couple of follow up questions if you have the time:

    Are there plans of re-introducing this functionality?

    Could you tell me which driver version this was removed in? Its probably best to go back to older drivers In guess?

    Is that the same for the new 4K 24 Kamvas? I was thinking of getting one, but won't if this is the case, as it will be a real pain to use this way...

  • Hi Chris Williamson, as of the moment, there's no definite plan for this feature to be reintroduced. What I would like to recommend is to drag the window you want to move halfway through the 2 monitors, click on switch screen, then continue dragging it all the way to the screen where you want it to be. It may need some getting used to but switching screens and moving windows is still possible. 

    This feature has been removed from Version 15 drivers so you can use Version 14 ones. However, if you encounter any issues when using Version 14, we recommend that you use the latest driver version.

    And yes, it's the same with the new Kamvas Pro 24 4K tablets since it's using the Version 15 drivers. But you can always try the recommended steps above.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Oh sorry I should have been more specific, its Icons I'm dragging from one to the other not windows, files and folders into Premiere, bitmaps into 3D programs, files into Photoshop from Bridge etc. I also use Premiere & After Effects & 3D apps spanned across 2 monitors, so I might be dragging a UI element like footage or a material from one monitor, then dropping onto the timeline  or 3D viewport on another.

     Previously I could use the screen display the same as I would use a non-screen tablet spanned across my 2 monitors, and switch it to the screen display for texture painting, animation etc. so this is a huge step backwards for me in terms of workflow.

    That's a real shame as I have been loving the 16 inch Kamvas & 22 Inch Kamvas Pro & was looking forward to the 4k 24 inch Kamvas!

  • Hi Chris Williamson, thank you for the clarification. I understand your workflow now. Is it possible to ask for a video of these steps so I can inform our software engineers? It would be best if we can see both your screens and not just a screen recording so we can see your entire workflow. What I can do is forward your request to our software engineers so they can check on this. However, I cannot guarantee if or when it will be available again. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Its literally just dragging an icon - one of the most basic computer activities there is - I find it hard to believe your engineers cant understand the concept without a video? 

    However, I have recorded a video, one shows me dragging an icon into a 3D program to import a file. then I drag an icon into Premiere to import a folder of footage. Next I drag an icon into After Effects (holding down the 'alt' key) to import a folder of footage with the folder structure intact. Then I drag an icon into Photoshop to open it.

    All these actions require you do drag an icon from one screen to another, it's really mind boggling that you decided to remove this basic functionality...

  • Apparently 30 megs is too big to attach, so I've uploaded it to google drive instead:

  • Hi Chris Williamson, thank you for the video. I'll forward this to our software engineers for further review.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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