Kamvas 13 weird screen

Got this tablet a month ago and recently it started having this weird screen, like some sort of LED burn, because i can slightly see my old taskbar layout on the bottom, but after a couple of restarts (always different amount) it goes back to normal and works fine. I'm struggling to find out why it's doing that, because even with the HDMI cable unplugged it still has that screen, no "no signal" pop ups. Is it fixable, or is it a hardware issue?

  • Hi Loden, if your HDMI cable is unplugged, it is normal for your tablet to show "No signal" and go to "Power saving mode" since it could not receive any video connection from your computer. Based on the picture you've attached, this is caused by a new screen thus this will eventually disappear with continued use of your tablet. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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