Kamvas pro 13 (8192) Pen no longer works!!!

Hi!, I bought this tablet on amazon around a year and a half ago, it has been under light-mid use.

Recently I started using it for sculpting in Blender and everything was fine until it began to not recognize when the pen moved without touching the screen, leaving the cursor in the same place for a few seconds but following the pen again a little after.

So, the tablet malfunctioned this way for about an hour to be completely gone after that. Now I have done the following trying to fix it: Monitor calibration, driver update & reboot, uninstalling the updated driver and trying to move the cursor after reboot & installing the most recent driver available on the official web (v15.4.1.354).

All without success.

Do you know how I can fix it?, I have a really important deadline approaching.
So I would deeply appreaciate any help!

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