What exact tablet is completely wireless? I need a wireless drawing tablet with a screen,so I can draw for example in the park or at school, but I have no idea since I'm not tech savvy and can't figure out online if they have cords or not. Any help would be appreciated
  • There aren't wireless tablets with screens, unless you buy one with a computer inside which is not offered by Huion, and is very expensive. 

    I recommend buying a laptop that can be drawn on, or an ipad or android tablet with pen support.

  • Hi Aiden Laurans, I'm sorry to let you know that as of the moment, we don't have an all-in-one tablet in small sizes. The all-in-one tablet that we currently carry is the Kamvas Studio 22 which is 22 inches in size and need to be connected to a power outlet. Kindly visit our official online store regularly for the latest updates in the future.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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