Glitches/lag with MS office apps and lack of ability to program more than 2 keys in driver


I am a recent purchaser of a HUION HS611. Although the tablet mostly works well, I have 2 complaints to make that could be fixed with an updated driver:

1. The "switch brush" feature works on MS office apps to switch between pen and eraser but does so with a noticeable delay. For example, after erasing something and switching back to pen, it will miss the first couple of strokes with the pen. Sometimes it won't re-engage the pen at all until the pen is raised out of the active area and then put back down. This seems like a software issue that should be fixed ASAP. Many users of your products use MS office applications. I have tested the tablet on multiple PCs and the issue is present on all of them. I also have an XP-Pen tablet (that was much cheaper) and the Pen/Eraser toggle is seamless and instant with the XP-Pen software. 

2. In the driver, it is not possible to program more than 2 key presses combined. For example, Alt+2 is possible, but Alt+D+H is NOT possible. This is severely limiting and makes the shortcut buttons far less useful. It appears that this was possible using the previous driver but not the new one. Why would an update remove functionality? 

Please address these issues asap. Very disappointing issues for a brand new tablet. 

  • Hi again, just an update for anyone with similar issues. I have found that setting quick access toolbar shortcuts for pen and eraser works as a workaround to solve issue 1 mentioned above. Then assigning those shortcuts to the pen buttons. Initially, even the quick access toolbar wasn't working well, with other weird glitches happening, but switching off "enable Windows Ink" fixed the issue. Switching it off also switches off pen sensitivity though, which isn't an issue for me as a teacher but might be an issue for others. 

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