KAMVAS20 (2019) driver isn't working, BigSurv Macbook Pro 2019

Hello Huion. I have the model listed above and a MacBook Pro 2019. I have tried every trouble shooting step(s) there is out there including the generic ones of both driver and laptop. I know I have reported problems in the past but I do believe this was for my other product HS610 Prov1 2017, but as said this was for a diff product. This time with this one, I connect it, the driver says it's disconnected. I have downloaded the recent driver for this product the v15 one, and have done these steps: 

1. uninstall/re-install

2. check storage space to see if this was making the connection from the USB-C port to the monitor pen tablet, to the driver, and to see if the connection was slow, but I wasn't anywhere near low space on my laptop

3. make(made) sure all softwares were updated including my laptop software and they were and have been double/triple checking 

4. making sure ALL cords work, and/are plugged in. I've even ordered a new cord that came in the box and so now I know it definitely isn't the monitor because the monitor still turns on it just isn't saying it's connected to the driver

5. waiting to see if the problem persists and it has. I got the MacBook in May. I noticed the issue in the beginning of this summer, and it still has lasted. So I think I have waited more than long enough. 

I saw other users having this issue w/ this product and this particular laptop. They said even with the latest driver update for the kamvas20 they are still having issues after a couple of months of waiting on the new driver. I would just like to know if I'm doing anything wrong here, if I'm missing something and if there is a solution or temporary solution avalible. Thanks..

I have checked through all of these links listed here that were from previous forum discussions about the same exact topic. Some found solutions others didn't. The solutions that were found I tried and they didn't work for me and I doubled check the writing to make sure I was doing them correctly. 

1.  https://support.huion.com/en/support/discussions/topics/44001013225/page/9?url_locale=en  (issue as of 10 months ago)

2.  https://support.huion.com/en/support/discussions/topics/44001013225/page/2?url_locale=en. (issue also, as of 10 months ago)

It has become a frustrating consistent issue trying to get this monitor to work and draw. Especially when my laptop itself says the driver doesn't connect it when I know it isn't the monitor!!! I am completely out of sorts with this, and as of today I had checked to see if I can return the product in hopes of getting a new one but sadly the return possibly looks like it was 3 years and I ordered it from Amazon and the Amazon company has a 50 day return policy.... 

I've only begun to do digital drawing transferred from my iPad to my laptop and it was a frustration that i couldn't get my pen tablet to work on my chrome book, then my Lenovo 2-in-1 computer, and now I can't get either pen tablet and pen tablet monitor to work on my MacBook pro laptop (and yes I had to order separately a USB-C driver as well) sadly to say I'm very disappointed even after waiting to see when there would be a die-down in update on laptop and on your guy's end and even after ALL this getting anew laptop for more CPU so this could run while having at least a couple of applications running in the background... Not only to mention this but it was an extreme struggle to get in contact with you guys over email as well.. I understand given the time difference it is hard, but even that. I would contact you guys and then I would get constant emails saying you all were on holidays and such. As much as I'm all for holiday breaks, PLEASE have better information for customers to gather insight on what they can do or a "hotline number" possibility for when you guys have holidays it would run much smoother rather than having lots if bounced emails back and forth saying the same thing!!!!! I've made my case....

  • Hi Sophie Darnell, I understand your frustrations and rest assured we are here to help you with your concern. May you please check if the steps in this article can fix your issue: What To Do When Huion Driver Shows Device Disconnected? Please install the latest Version 15 driver as well.

    If your issue is still not resolved, kindly send the following to service@huion.com so we can help you further:

    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Order number
    • Summary of all the steps you've done
    • A link to your video that captures your cable connection from your tablet to your computer, open your tablet driver and capture whether it shows "Device disconnected". 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello @Orliza. So on my part, I actually did misread the directions (several times in fact!!) that there are specific drivers that only work w certain models like for the monitor I have I read “only V16 drivers will work” and I had found this on a sort of this site I hadn’t been to before so definitely my bad on that part!! However the part I’m still struggling with is when Im using the monitor and sitting on the couch, I have nothing underneath me but a single blanket, (think blanket too) and the monitor cables seem to disconnect quite frequently everytime I move. I started noticing this past couple of times I’m using it. The only cable that is new is the printer cable the hdmi one I still have is the original one that came with the monitor but they doesn’t seem to be the cable that is making the monitor have the “no signal error” and goes to black screen. And yes driver is updated for this and drives/softwares are all update on my laptop as well. It seems to be the new printer cable, and this one didn’t come with the monitor as previously stated. Is there any solution to this? I have lots of chronic back/neck pain and it is hard for me to work at a table sitting up so sitting at a couch (if I don’t have a desk/chair) is necessary more than half the time. If there was a temporary solution that would be great! And of course anyone else reading this if they have any other solution that they have fixed successfully or temporary themselves that would be awesome too!
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