Precision mode and quick menu appear in unexpected places with windows ink enabled


The "Huion Tablet" driver has some cool features such as support for precision mode and "quick menu", which is supposed to look like 6 buttons appearing around the cursor.

Both of these features are supposed to appear "around" the current cursor position. However, when Windows Ink is enabled, they appear in a place that may appear random. After some experiments, I figured out that they appear around the "old" mouse position, i.e., the place where the mouse cursor used to be before I moved it with my stylus.

Is there a known workaround? Disabling Windows Ink is not really an option because without it the pressure sensitivity feature doesn't work in any of the applications that I use.

  • I noticed that this problem doesn't occur in onenote, but it does occur in Google Chrome and xournal++.

  • Hi Andrei Tonkikh, thank you for sharing your experience with our new driver version. We will further assist you through your ticket since we need to ask more information from you. Kindly check your email and if you don't see our reply in your inbox, please check your trash and/or spam folder.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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