Dual Screen features - especially "Switch Screen" hotkey!


I received the new Huion Pro 24 4K model a few days ago and I'm enjoying it a lot so far.  I did have a few concerns regarding using it in a dual monitor setup, and upon emailing support the options I was looking for were unfortunately confirmed to be absent.  So I figured I'd put in a formal feature request here.  

First and most simply, BEING ABLE TO ASSIGN "SWITCH SCREEN" TO A HOTKEY ON THE INCLUDED KEYPAD.  I've always used the buttons on my tablet pens for two things: right-click, and double click.  I've now had to replace the double-click function on the pen with the Switch Screen function, because I'm unable to do this on the keypad.  This is fairly inconvenient in my workflow, as tapping twice with the pen is much less precise than double clicking with a mouse, but I need to switch screens often to manage windows and need quick access to the Switch Screen feature.  I would hope this would be a simple addition, so PLEASE consider implementing this into they included keypad's drivers in an update soon.

Secondly, on my previous Wacom tablet, there were options to have the working area of the tablet change depending on which monitor is currently active.  In short, this meant the cursor was accurate to the pen while drawing, but when switched over to the secondary monitor, moving the cursor across the entire screen used less tablet area and therefore required less wrist movement.  As is, the working area on the Huion Pro 24 cannot be saved as a different size for each monitor.  This means when I switch over to the other monitor, I have to move my pen across the whole tablet to use it and reach items on the screen.  This is cumbersome due to the large arm movement required to reach the corners of the other monitor.  Allowing each monitor to have a different sized working area saved at the same time would mean I can set the second, non-tablet monitor's working area as smaller so that I can use small movements like a mouse, then switch back to drawing with full accuracy.

I hope both of these features are in the cards for future updates.  As a professional animator working with drawing tablets every single day, these small features make a big difference in my workflow, and admittedly I'm itching to have them back.  I've previously only worked with Wacom tablets, and while I'm mostly enjoying the switch to Huion, small additions like these would make me much more eager to recommend this tablet to friends and co-workers over the competition.

Thank you for your time!

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  • Hi Gregzilla, thank you for posting your feature request. This has been forwarded to our software engineers.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • So both things are still not updated. I just received my Huion 24 4K and wanted to open thread exactly about these problems. Those must be very easy changes within the Driver. Did you ever considered changing it?

  • @Orliza Amodia 

  • Hi Lucas Doerre, As of the moment, our tablets don’t have the feature you need that the working area on the tablet can be saved as a different size for each monitor. But I will make sure to inform our Product Development Team about it again and keep you posted once we get a response from them.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello there! 

    Just got mu beautiful kamvas 22 pro , it is an upgrade from an existing  kamvas 16 pro
    this product is just perfect!

    The feature that Gregzilla is asking for is so basic, we don't want to be switching from pen to mouse every time, I as a teacher do have 2 monitors, the tablet works perfect as a whiteboard, but if I need to click on something else outside the work area it is impossible unless you grab your mouse...

    I "fix" it by setting one of buttons of the pen to switch monitor, but that means I cannot use that extra key banding  with any program any more.

    Would be a good idea to assign it to the menu buttons on the right upper corner. 

    Have phun! 

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  • Hi Abdiel Cortez, thank you for your suggestion, may I confirm with you if your tablet model is kamvas 22 pro or kamvas 22 plus. As kamvas 22 pro has 20 Press Keys on tablet. If you refer to kamvas 22 plus, we understand what you mean, I will make sure to inform our Product Development Team about it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Yes! This is a feature that I have been waiting for yers. It is SO important. But maybe they don`t know this. I wish they could sove this as quikc as possible

  • Hi Jessica Wen. 
    I have a Kamvas Pro 22
    . The tablt itself has buttons, but it is not about them that we are taklking about. We want to be able to use the functionality on our own keyboards. So we dont have to be moving all around the tablet to switch it and just seamlessly navigate through our monitors.

  • Hello I just recived my kamvas 22 plus and I have to admit that i think it's a great product.

    I totally agree that loosing a pen's button to make easy the display change between two monitors it's quite a shame. At least make it possible to assign to a shortkey button please! 

  • Hi, i would like to quote the previous requests, i recently buoght the kamvas pro 24 4k, everything's perfect but i really miss the button for switching the screen, this feature is the only important thing i feel missing, everything else is perfect

  • OP here, I've been keeping an eye on this topic since posting and am honestly disappointed that these issues haven't been addressed.  The screen area feature I can understand since that's a specific and more complex issue, but I can't imagine adding "Switch Screen" to a key on the keypad should be a huge deal, especially since other users here have already whipped up their own custom solutions.  

    Still very much enjoying my tablet, but I would certainly be having a better time if that tiny feature was added.  Hope it gets addressed soon.

  • Hi Carlo Bernardini & Gregzilla, thank you for posting your suggestions. We have forwarded your ideas to our Product Department.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • I've been sorely missing this feature as well especially when it was available on earlier driver versions when I had a Huion 16 Pro with hotkeys on the tablet itself. I've upgraded to a 22 and I'm unable to map it to my hot keypad that's also from Huion. Please get this feature in!

  • Any news on if these features will be added? Its been years.

    I just got the Kamvas22 (non pro) and its great, but not being able to have different profiles for the different screens is really inconvenient. Every time I switch screens I have to go into the program and resize the pen area. 

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